In order to promote a healthy wellbeing we believe it is vital to be able to connect the mind with the body.

BuddhaBox is the premiere boxing facility based in Mayfair includes a fully equipped gym facility. We provide high energy group classes along with one on one boxing sessions. We incorporate the mental, physical & emotional challenges of boxing into a fitness regimen & lifestyle. Our workouts are designed to challenge your limits and help you exceed your own expectations. Boxing can improve endurance and strength , create a lean & toned physique for both men and women.



It is necessary to gain a certain level of understanding in the practices taught. Awareness allows us to have a sense of purpose.


We are believers at Buddhabox we believe in ourselves and if we do we can achieve anything. we are dedicated to creating an empowering environment!




To connect consciousness and reach our goals. when you have a destination then your path on your journey becomes clear.

A community unlike any other training space. From our coaches to our staff to our members, you will always feel welcomed and at home while training at BuddhaBox.

The meaning behind BuddhaBox

As combat fighting can be known to be intense and aggressive, our intention is to balance this with wellness activities such as yoga, pilates and stretching. Finding this balance is the entity behind BuddhaBox and is the foundation of our brand.