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  • Health is Wealth

    We are a boutique fitness club & wellness brand, focused on delivering the highest quality fitness concierge experience in the industry. Our beautiful, state of the art facility is categorised into three separate sections; combat, wellness and movement.

  • personalised training and coaching

    The trainers at BuddhaBox are ensured to have copious amounts of experience and the best qualifications. Our diverse group of trainers include professional boxing and martial arts coaches, world-class strength & conditioning coaches as well as highly qualified yoga and movement practitioners.

    Inspired by ancient wisdom and naturopathic insight, we celebrate the exquisite flavours and healing forces of organic raw vegetables, fruits, herbs, roots, nuts and seaweed as daily nourishment.

    Our treatment room utilises practices found in professional sport science. Help your body’s own healing mechanisms as we provide services that increase joint mobility, relieve muscle tension and enhance the blood and nerve supply.


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