A Buddhabox Boxing classes will typically have this structure:

Wraps on – prep/mobilisation Full body warm up
Dynamic drills
High intensity bag work
Cardio/ technique bag and pad
Strengthening (ground work) Core
Stretch and cool off

Women's boxing

Womens boxing class at Buddhabox is dedicated to empowering and encouraging females through the sport of boxing. All levels of experience are welcomed and our coaches are leading experts in the field.  

Muay thai

The art of 8 limbs uses punches, kicks, knees and elbows to bring you an hour of kick ass combos mixed in with traditional conditioning techniques that have helped shape champions. Aimed at all levels from first timers to world champions, classes may include: Bag work, pad work, striking drills, partner drills, body weight conditioning, mobility/flexibility and striking with all 8 parts of your limbs.